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09 May 2015 @ 05:09 pm
So I've missed reading this fic. Completely forgot the title. It's quite sad. It's a MinKey fic of course.

Basically, Key likes his boss Minho. But the thing is, Minho likes Taemin. I forgot what happened in between but Key ends up doing it with Minho and quitting the very next day. He literally disappeared until Minho runs into him somewhere while he's on his new job.

I'd really be grateful for the help. :)
15 April 2015 @ 11:01 pm
Hey guys. When I just stumbled into this fandom I read a Minkey I just can't find anymore. It was a chaptered fic and it was AU. I can't seem to remember that much anymore, but I think Minho could control water, Kibum could control fire and Taemin ice. Maybe someone can help me, 'cause I'd love to read it again.
04 December 2014 @ 03:26 am
Hai, does anyone know of a fanfic where Key is friends with Nicole. And one one fine day they went to the gym together, for a yoga session? ?? Or is it aerobic? Im not sure but what Im sure is Minho's the trainer. Things happened and Key faints in the middle of class,
I hope someone has heard of this ff, because I might be confusing the storyline to a jongkey ff T^T
29 November 2014 @ 02:01 am
I need help looking for a fic, I'm not even sure if it's MinKey or I might have mixed up the characters, but I'm taking a shot at MinKey.

So the story is about little Bummie and Minho in an orphanage, Minho left the orphanage as soon as he became legal and promised to come back for Kibum, they wrote to each other till Minho stopped replying. After many years, Kibum wanted to get out of the orphanage so he ran away and searched for a ship that he could ride on. I couldn't remember much anymore but Minho became a captain of an airship, Onew had a mechanical eye, Jonghyun with a mechanical arm and Taemin is a son of the King?

I forgot to add it to my memories so now I'm having a hard time looking for it, if anybody knows, please to tell me ^^

Title: A Special Kind of Bodyguard
Author: intaexicated
Rating: G
Summary: in which Kibum is going through a tough time and Minho is there to be his strength.

Minho's heart sinks the moment he realises that the last call Kibum made was to his halmeoni.

Title: Losing Weight
Rating: G
Summary: in which Minho takes the weight off Kibum's mind.

“Don’t you think Kibum gained a little weight?”