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Key & Minho


♥ Key & Minho; SHINee
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This community is dedicated to the relationship between Kim Kibum (Key) and Choi Minho of SM Entertainment's contemporary group, SHINee.

Respect each other. We all live in a world where we can freely express ourselves. Respect the opinions and beliefs of your fellow fans. This is the key to a good and harmonious relationship among the members of the community.

Use an LJ-Cut if you'll be posting pictures and fanworks. Also, place adult material under an LJ-cut and friends lock that post. This is in accordance with LiveJournal's Terms Of Service.

Label your posts properly. If you post contains adult material, place a warning in the subject line. Also, do not forget to credit your source. In line with this, we will be having a tagging system. Please tag your entries accordingly.

Please read the complete set of rules HERE before posting anything to make sure you are following the rules and guidelines of the community. Thank you.

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